As our state begins to loosen restrictions, they are trying to do it in a safe manner to protect their people, but even more the seniors that are most vulnerable to the disease. Statistically speaking, seniors have the lowest percentage of those who have contracted the disease, but have the highest percentage of those who are dying from it.

We are all very anxious to be more social, see our families, attend events, go on vacations, and enjoy the things we are prevented from doing. Our residents and staff have been safe from the disease since it started, it is important that we continue our efforts going forth. The staff have been wearing as much protective equipment for the protection of our residents as they possibly can. Residents have been able to roam about the building, getting their mail, visiting with other residents, enjoying some individual activities and being outdoors on the patios. They have only been in contact with the staff and other residents.

If a resident leaves the facility they are compromising their safety and the safety of others in the facility. If a resident leaves the facility for any reason, they must do the following:
Sign out when you leave the facility and sign back in when you return
Identify where you are goingWear a mask provided by the facility
Everyone around you must also wear a mask
Wash your hands often
Distance yourself 6 feet from others

*******We need you to know if at any time you leave the facility, you will be compromising your safety and the safety of all others in the facility. Because you will compromise everyone's safety, you will be asked to stay in your apartment and not come out for 14 days. This is not something most of you have had to do, nor do we want you to have to do this, so please think twice before leaving the facility.*******

As the states begin to loosen social distancing measures we continue to follow those for assisted living. We will continue to screen all residents and employees for COVID-19.  We will follow all other plans to slowly open assisted living facilities to visitors as directed by the governor, the Department of Inspections and Appeals, the American Health Care Association, National Center for Assisted Living, Iowa and Illinois Department of Public Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
Note: Article written on May 22, 2020, all information is subject to change as directed by our governing bodies.

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