We appreciate your patience and the sacrifice you have made to help protect our residents during the COVID-19 crisis by not visiting in person. We are pleased to report that we are now implementing a phased approach to safely reopen for visitation as directed by Governor Reynolds, IDPH, and DIA. The purpose of this phased approach is to provide as safe a pathway as possible to resident and family visits. There are three recommended phases for transitioning to reopening  Each phase affects changes in each of the following areas:
Visitation - Residents will have the ability to have limited visitation.   
Essential/Non-Essential Healthcare Personnel - All healthcare personnel are screened upon entry and additional precautions are taken. 
Non-Medically Necessary Trips - Telemedicine should be utilized whenever possible.  Non-medically necessary trips outside the building should be limited to prevent unnecessary exposure.
Communal Dining - Residents may be able to eat in the same room provided social distancing (limited number of people at tables and space by at least 6 feet) can be maintained. A limited number of individuals in a dining area at one time also has to be maintained.
Screening - Resident, staff and visitor screening questionnaire and (temperature checks) will be done every day.
PPE and Universal Source Control - All residents are to wear a cloth face covering or face mask while out of their apartment and when there is a visitor in their apartment.  All visitors are to wear a cloth face covering or face mask while in the facility. All community staff and essential healthcare personnel are to wear a face mask, face shield/eye protection and lab coat. Residents who are a new admission/readmission will be required to quarantine in their room for 14 days.
Group Activities - Small group activities may occur with social distancing, hand hygiene and use of a cloth face covering or face mask with no more than 10 people per activity.
Phase Regression:
The community will continue to progress through the different phases of adjusting the restrictions unless one staff or resident is confirmed positive for COVID-19 and another has symptoms, at which time, the community will return to Phase 1 when visitation will be generally prohibited.

- Vicki Nemmers, Regional Manager, RN

Note: Article written on June 22, 2020, all information is subject to change as directed by our governing bodies.

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