As mentioned in the July article, we have implemented a three phased approach to provide the safest environment for our residents and staff and still allow for residents to have visitors. We have had no known positive cases either by staff or residents since the phased approach began. However because of the increasing positive cases in our counties, we feel it is important to stay in phase two, the phase we are currently in. Visitation is from 1-3pm everyday by calling ahead for an appointment. Visitors and residents are to remain in their room during the entire visit, each wearing a mask, and staying 6 feet apart.
The community will consider phase three when the number of positive tests has responsibly declined and we have no confirmed positive cases or symptoms for COVID-19 from either a staff or resident.
We strongly recommend taking residents out for only essential appointments, and not for gatherings of any kind. The more exposure the resident gets the greater the risk they pose to themselves and everyone else.

-Vicki Nemmers, Regional Manager RN

Note: Article written on July 21, 2020, all information is subject to change as directed by our governing bodies.

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